304/10 West Promenade Manly is situated in the beach side suburb of northern Sydney NSW Australia.  Northern Beaches Estate Agents have many interested people looking to buy in this very popular location. If you are considering selling call Northern Beaches Estate Agents on 0424 990 885 for a free market appraisal.

Manly was named after Captain Arthur Phillip for the indigenous people living there, stating that “their manly behaviour”, made me give the name of Manly Cove.

The aboriginal men were feasting on a whale at Manly Cove, and were seen by Captain Nepean,Mr White and a party of men who had travelled to Manly Cove to walk to Broken Bay.  The aboriginal cut large chunks of whale off and put it in the boat for Captain Phillip.

Later an older aboriginal man appeared with a spear.  The Govenor moved towards this man and he became agitated.  The spear was thrown and Govenor Phillip was hit in the shoulder.  All in the confusion, there were calls to bring the muskets.  The indigenous people disappeared and Govenor Phillip could not make it to the ship because of the length of spear sticking out from his shoulder and dragging on the ground.  The muskets were brought to shore, but only one was fired.  The spear was finally broken and all hastened to Port Jackson.

Manly had been envisaged, as a seaside resort by Henry Gillbert Smith in the 1850’s.  In 1853 Smith acquired two large parcels of land, (which had been granted to John Thompson in 1842 and John Crane Parker in 1837).  Initially John had chartered a paddle steamer to Manly and other vessels visited on an ad-hoc “excursion” basis.  Smith built a wharf in 1855 and eventually acquired an interest in steamers himself and soon more regular services to Manly commenced.

During the 19th and 20th century Manly was one of Australia’s most popular seaside resorts.  Manly beach is said to be the first place where the restriction on daylight sea bathing was first challenged in Australia.  In October 1902 William Gotcher clad in a neck to knee costume swam at midday, after announcing his intention to do so, in the newspaper he established, (Manly and North Sydney News).

304/10 West Promenade Manly is an ideally located apartment, just a short stroll from Manly wharf, vibrant cafes and shops.

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