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Bayview is a suburb on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Bayview Real Estate is relatively expensive but it is well worth the price for the beauty and serenity the area offers.  Situated approximately 31 Kilometers north of the Sydney central business district.  The name Bayview comes from the fact the area has a “view of the bay” hence it’s name.  The bay being beautiful Pittwater.

Governor Arthur Phillip named Pittwater, which was as a result of a short journey of exploration from Manly to this area in March 1788. He named it after William Pitt, who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time.

One of the earliest written records we have of the Bayview area is a map showing the bays and inlets made by Captain John Hunter in 1792, although it was not yet named at the time. These early records also show us that one of the first settlers in Bayview was Patrick Bryan, who built a house in 1821 on the current site of the Bayview Golf Links.

Bayview played a role in the NSW defence strategy during WWII. A number of tetrahedron tank traps can still be found off Pittwater Road on the water side in Bayview – a little-known remnant of Australia’s defence along Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

As space in Bayview is very limited, real-estate in this area is relatively expensive and often hard to come by. If you do manage to find a space you shouldn’t hold your breath for a bargain as the average price of a home in the area is just under $2 million (although if you’re looking at property in Bayview your idea of a bargain may well be a little different from most people’s).

As a result of the average property prices you’ll find that neighbours are distinguished older couples rather than young families – the census showes that the median age in the area is 53 and the average household comprises of 2 people.

If you’re looking for property in a quiet area, budget is not an issue, you enjoy gorgeous views, serene suburban living and weekends on your yacht then Bayview is the perfect place.

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