Some house selling tips are:

It is crucial to price your property correctly, if you put a price that is too high you will not get offers and you run the risk of not selling your property.

Have your property styled or present it in the best light so that people are excited at the prospect of owning it, if you do not de-clutter of tidy your property and have it sparkle it is unlikely anyone will want to buy it, and if they do they will only be offering a lower price.  Remove any ornaments or family photos, prospective purchasers need to imagine themselves and their families living in the home.  A coat of paint can freshen up the exterior and the interior of a home, it is likely to ad twice it’s cost to the value of the home, stick to neutral colors and ensure the job looks professional.

Have your agent put together a house selling strategy with great photos, advertising campaign involving internet, newsprint, editorial submission and open homes to generate the most amount of activity so that the most amount of prospective purchasers see your property is for sale.  Lift worn carpets or lino to reveal wooden floorboards, these can then be sanded by a professional and they are a massive selling point!

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House Selling Tips

House Selling Tips

Once the repainting, polishing, cleaning and de-cluttering are all done.  On inspection day make sure your home is fresh and welcoming.  Sweep the front step, place flowers in the rooms, put fresh towels in the bathrooms, burn sweet-smelling essential oils, have soft tasteful music playing and make yourself scarce, leave the job of selling your house to your trusted agent.