Finding the right Real Estate Agent is something a lot of people struggle with, finding the right Real Estate Agent is very important when selling your home.  When looking for a Real Estate Agent, you want to make sure that you can work with the agents and that they understand your concerns, time-line, motivation for selling and what you expect your agent to achieve for you when selling.  When selling you really need someone you can trust.


Agents are a critical part when selling your home, when meeting a prospective agent for the first time you want to have a list of questions to ask, for instance their commission rate, a commission rate can vary from agent to agent, commission rates are negotiable especially if you deal with an independent agent who is the principal. Using well known agents and agencies can be great, they have a lot of work, but if they are serving too many clients at one time they are probably not able to give you the one on one service that you require, a lot of the time they cannot be around when you need them as they are off dealing with their other clients.

If you want a Real Estate Agent who can really put in the hours of time to work for you and get you the best results, with the least amount of time and stress, it may be better to go with a smaller agency. It can be very stressful if you have any concerns during the selling process and you are unable to speak with your agent due to the fact that they are trying to service too many clients, often you are passed off to their off-sider who may be very young and inexperienced.  If you would like to discuss finding an agent, call Northern Beaches Estate Agents on 0424 990 885 for a confidential chat. https://www.realestate.com.au/agent/carolyne-hawkes-1530130

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