Are you getting the return you want on your investment property?
Choosing the right estate agents for your rental properties is crucial if you want to maximise your property investment returns. Northern beaches Estate Agents offer low a management fee with no extra monthly fees call 0424 990 885 or email info@northernbeachesestateagents.com.au
Vacancy rates on the Northern Beaches remains around the low. Demand is still fairly strong with quality tenants wanting to live on the beautiful Northern Beaches with its carefree lifestyle and superb beaches.
Location is everything and people like to be close to quality restaurants, shops, beaches, parks, and more… if you have a property that’s in a really good location this will attract more qualified tenants.
Even if your property is in a safe location, most people want the peace of mind of having security features such as alarms, fences, deadbolt-locks, and security screens.
Parking is a huge selling point for property on the Northern Beaches, for many public transport is the most convenient form of transport to work, but a safe garage or carport is always a preferable due to lack of off street parking and costly car-parks.
Outdoor space can allow you to charge a premium, and is a must for Rental Properties on the Northern Beaches, this can be in the form of a backyard, private balcony, deck, community outdoor space or even nearby park, and if you can secure some outdoor living space for your rentals you will be able to attract more potential renters.
New renovations, are a big plus for rental properties, especially kitchens and bathrooms, generally if a new renovation is completed and is tastefully done it will bring a great return on investment.
New appliances are always desirable in a rental property, as a landlord you can take advantage of installing quality appliances which will differentiate your property from the competition.
Open floor plans are in trend today, by removing an unnecessary wall or two you can dramatically change the feel and look of a property, it is advisable however to consult with a builder before making any major structural changes.
Lastly but not least, all tenants want to deal with a cooperative real estate agent who they have a good communication and rapport with, if you find a good tenant you want them to stay and look after your investment to many year to

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