Sold at Ronald Avenue Freshwater by Carolyne Hawkes director of Northern Beaches Estate Agents in two weeks with buyers eager to renovate the original apartment.  The apartment was owned and lived in by a local for nearly fifty years.  The lifestyle in Freshwater has a lovely beachside holiday feel.  On summer days the locals are drawn to the beautiful foreshore of Freshwater Beach, it’s adjoining park and laid-back shopping village. Sold Ronald Avenue Freshwater by Northern Beaches Estate Agents.  If you would like your property in Freshwater sold call Northern Beaches Estate Agents on 0424 990 885

The Harbord Estate was named to honour the wife of New South Wales Governor Lord Carrington (gov. 1885–90). Before her marriage, Lady Carrington was the Honourable  Cecilia Margaret Harbord.  For many years, the beach and the district behind it was known as Freshwater which was probably named after the stream of fresh water that ran down to the beach. However, some time after the naming of Harbord Estate, a number of residents began to believe that the holiday image of Freshwater should be upgraded by a name change to Harbord. The change of name attracted much controversy and debate and occasionally became quite heated. When the first local district school was built in 1912, a petition was sent to the Minister of Education requesting it should be called Harbord Public School. The Minister declined and officially opened it Freshwater Public School. Pressure was then directed towards renaming the post office. The postmaster general finally accepted the views of those who wanted a residential image and Freshwater officially became Harbord on 1 September 1923.  Sold Ronald Avenue Freshwater by Northern Beaches Estate Agents.

Freshwater Bay Post Office opened on 20 April 1909 and was renamed Freshwater in 1912.

In 2003 the Harbord Chamber of Commerce submitted a request to Warringah Council to support an application to the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales to rename the suburb of Harbord to Freshwater. In public consultation 774 voted in favour and 161 voted against with the results recorded in council minutes on 8 March 2005. The suburb of Harbord was officially named Freshwater on 12 January 2008.

Sold Ronald Avenue Freshwater by Northern Beaches Estate Agents Call 0424 990 885.

Sold Ronald Avenue Freshwater

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Australian Home of Surfing

In December 1914, Duke Kahanamoku the world sprint swimming champion, was touring Australia. He selected timber from a Sydney firm to fashion a board modelled on those used in his native Hawaii, and during a demonstration to the press, introduced surf board riding to Australia at Freshwater Beach on Thursday 24 December. It was the first recorded time that anyone had surfed the clean waves beyond the break in Australian waters using this Hawaiian-style surfing technique.

Duke Day at Freshwater Beach


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